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Hello! Our dear fans, admirers of Gypsy songs. Let us introduce ourselves.

Olga BogdanovaWe are sisters Olga and Galina Bogdanova.

As a Gypsy duet we have been singing for 20 years.

Galina BogdanovaAll our lives is connected with music. We are often asked: " Why do we sing Gypsy songs?" Perhaps because we have found ourselves in it. This genre is very close to our souls. We like Gypsy songs and sing them with great pleasure. In our opinion voice us not enough to sing this kind of songs. One has to have a Gypsy soul and real love to Gypsy songs.

How can there be a good rest without the clink of glasses, without gypsies? Where there are gypsies, there is spirit and fun! What soul-touching songs the gypsies have! You cannot listen to them without tears. In these songs everyone will find something of their own and will not be able to remain indifferent. We hope that all fans of the gypsy genre will like our songs.